This is still a thing, right? Senioritis? It’s been more than a decade since I graduated high school now, so I guess I’m officially behind on what is awesome (swag?).

I remember the feeling of senior year. You know what I mean. You’re thisclose to being done. Finished. No more. Ready. Moving on. THISCLOSE! A new chapter of your life is opening, and you are ready. So ready! It might suck, but it might be awesome (beast!)! It’s  something new; something that proves you are, in fact, moving forward. I am so there.

My story is almost ready. Soon I’ll send it out into the world to see if it can become a full-grown novel. So soon! Except I have a problem. I’m so close that I feel like I should already be done. I look at my notes and say, “Yeah, I know I need to rewrite that part,” and I feel like knowing is enough. I tell people, “Sure, you can be a beta reader! My book should be ready…” and then I realize at my current pace it will never be ready, because in my head it has arrived. I’m just so busy mooning over it that I forget I need to actually change the words on the page so that readers can see what I see.

I suppose blogging is also a sign of my senioritis. I’m doing this because I know I should be writing but am having a really hard time making myself do it. Does anyone else have this problem?

Well, I guess I’ve procrastinated enough today. Time to get to it (YOLO)!

Also, I can’t believe it’s been close to two months since I’ve posted! I mean to do it once a week, Maybe now that fall is here with school and schedules it will be easier.

About Caitlyn McFarland

Mom of three girls, writer of fantasy novels.
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4 Responses to Senioritis

  1. Julie says:

    Well, I thought it was ready when I first read it, so…. Send away, baby!!

  2. Ellen says:

    I want to be a beta reader!

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