The Other Thing I Do

Oh, October. So many things.

I sent out the first queries for Sworn. So far I’ve had two rejections, but I haven’t heard back from most of the agents yet, so I’ll keep you guys updated. I did some polishing to get it ready to query, but other than that I didn’t do much writing last month.

Why? Because I was doing the other thing I do: making ridiculous Halloween costumes for children!

Oh, yeah! I love it. This year the theme for my girls was “Fairy Tale Characters.” It was also the first year I argued with oldest daughter about her costume. She’s old enough to have opinions, so that’s lame. Ha ha! Kidding! Maybe.

Anyway, she wanted to be a Disney princess, except I did Disney princesses last year and was not about to repeat. So we came to a compromise: she got to be Sleeping Beauty, but not the boring Disney movie version, the AWESOME version from artist Claire Hummel’s “Historically Accurate Disney Princess” series. We were both satisfied. Also, I know these pictures aren’t great. Sorry, photography isn’t on my list of talents. Neither is cake decorating.


My second daughter is still young enough that I can trick her into being excited about pretty much anything. I’ve wanted to do a rad Little Red Riding Hood costume for a few years and here it is! I’m pretty dang happy with it!


My baby, of course, gets no say whatsoever. With my older two I made a show of pretending to ask (ha! Toddlers don’t know things!) when I had really already decided. I don’t pretend anymore. She got to be Goldilocks because of her insane blonde fro. I was going to make her a bear trick or treat bag, but got pretty burned out by the time I did her costume.

The picture on the left is to show amazing skirt puffiness. The picture on the right is what she looked like all put together on Halloween. Not that anyone even saw her. She mostly sat in the stroller chewing on a teddy bear.

 photo_4  photo_7

Here they are all ready to go get some candy! They are amazing. I hope as they grow up they let me keep making these crazy costumes.


Also, part of the reason this month was so busy is because I actually made five costumes (six if you count the dress I altered for a friend), but Thor and the ninja aren’t my kids, so I won’t put their pictures on here. Just know that they looked awesome. Also, if I continue with writing, I’m going to have to refuse all requests by friends to make costumes for their kids in the future. Sorry guys! It’s way too stressful.

I’m already plotting ways to convince my kids (by which I mean oldest daughter) to do Alice in Wonderland next year. I’m thinking my baby (who is a diva) would make an awesome Queen of Hearts, middle daughter could be a lovely Alice, and oldest daughter would rock a girl version of the Mad Hatter.

So that’s the other thing I do. What hobbies do you guys have?

I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Now, forward to NaNoWriMo!

About Caitlyn McFarland

Mom of three girls, writer of fantasy novels.
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2 Responses to The Other Thing I Do

  1. Justin F says:

    I’m still waiting for that second session of book club…

  2. Diane says:

    You have my permission to show off the AWESOME Thor costume too!!!

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