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BIG NEWS! SWORN is going to be published!

SWORN has sold to Carina Press! Ahhhhhhhh!!! My books are going to be published! Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace: It’s a three-book deal! SWORN is officially a trilogy! DRAGONS! They are coming! And so is romance!   And rock climbing! … Continue reading

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Negative Space in the Creative Process

I realized recently that much of what I create comes about because of what isn’t there. And since I posted about Harry Potter and chiaroscuro, I thought I’d just continue with this whole writing is like visual art thing. So, negative space. Observe, … Continue reading

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At the beginning of a new story, I often find that I’m stuck. Or that my scenes meander and feel fluffy and pointless. Or I have two or three scenes in which, more or less, the same thing is going on. … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Variety of Villains: Adding Depth to Story through Antagonists

I think every novelist can learn something from The Most Successful Book Series of All Time. Oh, yeah! It’s a blog about Harry Potter. So I should say this now: SPOILER ALERT! IF (FOR HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT REASON) YOU HAVE NOT … Continue reading

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In Summer

Guys, I really want to blog more. I do. I will. I feel like I’ve been snatched up by the river of life and I’ve had to swim or drown. There’s lots going on in my life. Here are some … Continue reading

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