In Summer

Guys, I really want to blog more. I do. I will. I feel like I’ve been snatched up by the river of life and I’ve had to swim or drown.

just keep swimming animated GIF

There’s lots going on in my life. Here are some of the things:

-I almost went on vacation with my three girls (and no husband) but then decided at the last minute I couldn’t handle an eighteen-hour car ride alone.

-I’ve come to understand the reason people love Doctor Who.

doctor who animated GIF

-I’ve had the hardest time I’ve ever had writing the story I’m supposed to be writing.

cartoon animated GIF

-I now own four geeky t-shirts and I love them and someday I will own enough to wear one every day.

-My six-year-old keeps losing teeth.

-I’ve started buying fabric for my kids’ Halloween costumes. Guess who they want to be!

-My college roommate and one of my best friends EVER came to visit for a day.

-I’ve been writing a novel about dragons. This takes up a large amount of time.

animation animated GIF

-I’ve been watching MasterChef and Heroes of Cosplay and random YouTube videos. Also my kids. I’ve been watching them, too.

-I commissioned a very talented artist to do some artwork of my story and I saw it today for the first time and I’m SO excited to share it with you guys when it’s done. TEASER!


-I forced  my four year old to sit still for several minutes while I put makeup on her to “practice” for her Halloween costume. In July.


-I am expressing my between-season Game of Thrones angst by putting at least two different kinds of braids in my hair every day. And my kids’ hair. Last Sunday all four of us had some kind of braid.


I have not been blogging. I haven’t really been tweeting. Sadface. My husband has been working 60-ish hour weeks, which makes it difficult for me to get things done. Which is why I’ve been doing a lot of random stuff. Also I go through weird phases.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. This is a scatterbrained blog, but I’m scatterbrained right now. Hope you’re all having a good summer!


About Caitlyn McFarland

Mom of three girls, writer of fantasy novels.
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4 Responses to In Summer

  1. gemarie says:

    Fun! I go through the weird phases and not getting anything done due to 60 hours of work to boo but only one child …

  2. Amanda P. says:

    I can hardly keep up with a full time job, taking care of Jeanette and Andrew working a lot this summer so I have no idea how you do it! I am assuming the girls want to be the characters from Frozen, but that might be just a guess 😉

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