Dragonsworn Inspiration: The Hoard

It’s been a while since I posted. I’m sort of inundated with things I’m supposed to be doing and still feeling lazy, so you get another post about things that inspired the world of my Dragonsworn trilogy. Hooray!

I like shiny things, guys.


Even better, I like unusual (to me) shiny things.

  Ocean Breeze Ring   arm bands.ashx (300×300)      ...     Victorian Carved Amethyst, Diamond & Gold Beetle Brooch. The beetle or scarab was the symbol of fertility and eternity. #VictorianBrooch #AntiqueJewelry

Or just AWESOME ones.

opal earrings     Carved Moonstone ring. Circa 1920

My dragons don’t sleep on piles of gold or have a hoard of treasure in the traditional sense, but they do wear a ton of jewelry. Because FUN.

So. Awesome.      Beautiful head piece

The guy dragons wear their fair share of (manly) shiny things, too, but I can’t find any good pictures for them.

You can see these and more on my Pinterest board: The Hoard.

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Mom of three girls, writer of fantasy novels.
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