On Being Reviewed

Soul of Smoke comes out one month from today! I’m so excited!! I’ve been lucky enough to have my publisher make the book available on NetGalley, which means I already have some reviews. I’m so grateful to everyone who has reviewed or rated my book. Even if they hated it, they gave me their time when they read it, and that’s a generous thing.

Being reviewed is at once strange, fantastic, and terrifying. Strange, because I’ve always been more or less invisible. Fantastic, because obviously it’s great to have people say nice things about you. Terrifying, because not all people like the book. And it’s really, really hard to sit there in silence and let them point out flaws in something I poured my soul into.

My friend Charlie (buy her books!) told me never to read anything but five-star reviews. I think I might agree with her. Even skimming polite three-star reviews leaves me in a sort of sick panic, because of course I’m a mediocre hack and why did I ever think I could write novels in the first place?! (Note: I don’t usually think I’m a mediocre hack–it takes a certain amount of narcissism to attempt to publish a novel’s worth of your own words.) But it’s also been good for me, because now I know that this is what I want to do. Regardless of my ratings, I like writing novels and I’m going to keep doing it. With all the stress of meeting my deadlines while trying to take care of my family and be a person, I’d sort of forgotten that writing is something I enjoy.

So, yes. Being reviewed is simultaneously one of the coolest and most difficult things I’ve experienced. But I’m excited to get my reviews–all of them–because it means I accomplished something big and difficult that I set out to do.

If you like fantasy and romance, I hope you’ll check out Soul of Smoke when it’s released on July 27th. It’s technically an adult romance, but I think (and my reviewers agree) that it has a ton of older YA appeal. If you do read the book and like it, remember that the best thing you can do for an author is to tell ALL your friends!

The second-best thing you can do is leave a good review. 😉

Stay tuned. I’m going to try and think of cool things to do to lead up to my book release. If you have any ideas, feel free to let me know in the comments!

About Caitlyn McFarland

Mom of three girls, writer of fantasy novels.
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4 Responses to On Being Reviewed

  1. kymburlee says:

    Love this book ALMOST as much as I love you.

    Seriously. It’s a near thing. 😉

  2. RachelMaltby says:

    Drat! I thought it was JUNE 27th and I was beyond excited to buy it today. Grrrrr. Waiting.

  3. RachelMaltby says:

    Drat! I thought it came out JUNE 27th and I was beyond excited to read it today. Grrrr…. Waiting….

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