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Last Chance

I’m freaking out a little bit, guys. My second and last round of edits is due by the 9th. This is my last chance to make it good. After this, if it sucks… it sucks. And people will tell me … Continue reading

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Fun with Authoring

Proof that I’m getting lazier and/or more comfortable with authorship. How I named my scenes in book 1: Roommates on hike First dragon battle Meeting Cadoc   How I name my scenes in book 3: Ride for ruin! The Prophecy! … Continue reading

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Of Edits and Editors

Well, my deadline has come and gone, and I’ve turned in my first set of edits on Soul of Smoke. FYI, meeting a deadline is like barely avoiding being run down by an out-of-control semi. You don’t realized how stressed you are until … Continue reading

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I always think I need some clever topic if I’m going to blog, but I’m spending so much energy on writing novel-length things right now that I don’t have much cleverness left for blogging. So I was thinking, instead of … Continue reading

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