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Yes! There *are* Rules!

I was just wasting time on social media when I came across a post about the rules of a writing contest. And in the comments, this: “Wait, there are rules?” Further comments lead me to believe that this person is … Continue reading

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16 Random Protips for Querying Writers

Okay, guys. I’ve been watching the PitchWars feed off and on because I’m jealous of all you and your party, and I know a lot of you have already submitted, but a lot haven’t yet. So I wanted to share … Continue reading

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How I Got My Agent

I’m so extremely excited to announce that I’m now represented by Marlene Stringer of Stringer Literary Agency, LLC! I can’t put into words what it means to find someone who loves my story as much as me and has the … Continue reading

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Pitch Wars and Other Things

Guys, this month has been crazy. First of all, Utah spent a few weeks looking like this: Second, a few weeks ago I got my first partial request from an agent!! Yes, I might have screeched and cried and had to … Continue reading

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