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First ever Soul of Smoke fanart!

SO. I don’t know how many of you know this, but secretly one of the reasons I was so excited to get a book was that I suck as an artist and was hoping some awesome arty person would come … Continue reading

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Fun things from the last month

Hey guys! Sorry that I abandoned the blog for a month. I was INSANELY busy writing book three. Basically I had six months to write it (January to June of this year) but stuff was NOT coming together. It took … Continue reading

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On Being Reviewed

Soul of Smoke comes out one month from today! I’m so excited!! I’ve been lucky enough to have my publisher make the book available on NetGalley, which means I already have some reviews. I’m so grateful to everyone who has reviewed … Continue reading

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SOUL OF SMOKE Cover Reveal!

This is it! Are you guys ready to see the cover for Soul of Smoke?! Here it is!   Wooo! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much to the Carina Press team for this awesome design! For good measure, here’s the … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: SOUL OF SMOKE Cover Reveal!

Guys. I got my cover. My first cover for my first novel. And it is awesome. I wish I could show it to you now, but I’m not allowed yet. Come back on Monday to see it!

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#PitchSlam: Revenge of the Entrants

Hey PitchSlam friends (and everyone else)! Here’s the deal. The PitchSlam entrants have been so collectively AWESOME in taking feedback that I figured they deserve a little revenge. So I’m presenting you with two of my own pitches/first 250 for … Continue reading

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Of Edits and Editors

Well, my deadline has come and gone, and I’ve turned in my first set of edits on Soul of Smoke. FYI, meeting a deadline is like barely avoiding being run down by an out-of-control semi. You don’t realized how stressed you are until … Continue reading

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I always think I need some clever topic if I’m going to blog, but I’m spending so much energy on writing novel-length things right now that I don’t have much cleverness left for blogging. So I was thinking, instead of … Continue reading

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