Writing Helps

My “How to Write” Pinterest board already has a ton of links, so I highly suggest checking it out. Here are a few lists, infographics, and ‘cheat sheets’ that have helped me in the past. There aren’t many right now, but I’ll add more as I find them.

Note: You aren’t going to find any “1 million ways to say ‘said'” here. My general rule is to use dialogue tags as little as possible.

Building Characters:

638 Primary Personality Traits

Fictional Character Name Generator

Body Language Cheat Sheet

Another Body Language Cheat Sheet

Emotions and Facial Expression


World Building:

Constructed Country Generator

Patricia C. Wrede’s World Building Questionnaire

Population Numbers and You! Part 1 and Part 2


Grammar and Prose:

How to use “Thy” and “Thou”

Emotion Synonym Chart (Starts basic and gets more specific)

The Color Thesaurus


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