As I write this I’m also wrestling with my youngest daughter, who keeps trying to put her tiny feet all over my keyboard. That’s me: a mom/wife and writer struggling to find the balance between two things that make me happy.

In my mom/wife life, I stay home with three amazing little blonde girls aged seven, five, and three.  I’m 30, and I feel like I’m in that place where I still have one foot in Young Mom (babies and diapers and pushing a stroller around campus) and the other in Soccer Mom (kids starting school and realizing you haven’t been in college for… you know, a while). My husband works in road construction, which means the girls and I spend a lot of time hanging out at home during the summer. I may or may not have issues keeping my house clean.

I didn’t truly start writing fiction until 2009, after I had graduated college (though I did dabble a bit in high school). I got serious in 2012, when I joined my first writing group. In 2013 I won first place in the Adult Speculative Fiction genre of the LDS Storymakers first chapter contest with an entry from my story Traveler. In March of 2014 I signed with my amazing agent, Marlene Stringer. This year, 2015, I’m debuting with an entire trilogy from Harlequin’s Carina Press (check out the “books” page for more info)!

Soul of Smoke (July 2015)

Shadow of Flame (September 2015)

Truth of Embers (November 2015)

You can email me at caitlyn.h.mcfarland@gmail.com.

2 Responses to About

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  2. Margaret Sigmon says:

    I haven’t the words to describe how enchanted I am with your first book “Soul of Smoke” and when I finish this note, I’m going on Amazon to purchase the last two. You’re a talented young woman (I can say this because I’m 80) and I wish you continued success.
    MW Sigmon

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